Finding the Value: Identifying the Key Elements of Primary Care Visits for Patients, Clinicians, and Caregivers



The goal of this project is to find out what parts of the clinic visit are most important to patients, caregivers and clinicians


We will recruit five clinicians and three to five of their patients, for a total of 15 to 25 participants, from a primary care clinic in rural New Hampshire from January 2017. Patients will have their visits audio recorded and will then listen back to the recording and identify elements of the clinic visit most important to them. Caregivers accompanying patients will also be invited to review the audio recording and identify what matters most to from their perspective. Clinicians will review transcripts of the same visits and will identify what information they feel is most important for patients. Common themes will then be identified across stakeholder groups.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcome of this study is a better understanding of the most valued elements in a conversation between a physician and a patient during a clinical visit. We hypothesize that, by asking clinicians, patients, and their caregivers to review audio recordings of the clinic visits, we will identify the most important information within the clinic visit. As a result, we will develop possible categories of importance to be highlighted on clinic recordings for the Open Recording Automated Logging System (ORALS) software, which aims to increase patient and family engagement in clinic visits