The Open Recording Automated Logging System

This project is being led by Dr. Paul Barr, Assistant Professor at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. This work is supported through a Patient and Family Engagement Early-Career Investigator Award (GBMF#4952) that Dr. Barr received from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

In this project, we will develop ORALS (the Open Recording Automated Logging System). ORALS is a recording system that will:

  1. Use speech-to-text software to transcribe recordings of the primary care clinic visit

  2. Use machine learning to highlight (tag) parts of the clinic visit most important to patients and their families

  3. Co-develop a secure website with patients to share the ‘tagged’ audio recordings of the patient’s clinic visit

With ORALS, we hope to increase patient and family engagement in healthcare by providing important medical information that is easy to navigate.

For a more detailed description of the project, read our study protocol here. You can also read about the project on the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Website. You can learn more about machine learning here.